Hagmann Ice Cream

Homemade ice-cream specialties …

Ice-cream Specialties

The use of fresh and natural raw materials guarantees a unique culinary experience. Not only fresh organicmilk is used, but also other ingredients and fruits from our region – the Waldviertel and the Wachau.

Plus a little skill… (it’s good to know how!)

Essentially, two different basic mixes are made for ice cream production. A basic mix for cream and milk ice creams (with organicmilk) and a basic mix for sorbets (vegan varieties).

Milk, sugar, whipped cream, and pasteurized egg yolks are used to make milk ice creams. This base is heated to 75°C (pasteurized) and, after a short resting period, blended with the respective ingredients (e.g., chocolate, hazelnuts, etc.) and frozen to minus 20°C.

For the fruit variety we prefer a milk-free recipe, because this way we can highlight the particular fruity flavours and thus offer a vegan confectionery ice cream (no industry-mixes or ready-mixes).

Finally, we are also the first and only suppliers in the region to produce their cream and milk ice creams exclusively with organic milk.